Unknown's Testimony

On Friday i was in town, so i was going back late when i dropped under the bridge. I now saw a friend but  while we were discussing i told my friend that I am not feeling happy staying here please let's go, she said no. I said me I am leaving. normally when I get to the road i am usually very careful but that day i just jumped and immediately after that not up to Ten (10) minutes there was a  bomb blast and that was how God saved me from bomb blast. I am here to say thank you Jesus.

Lucy Arinde's Testimony

My name is Lucy Arinde, on wednesday when i was going to work, i had already prepared everything, i was in the office but something told me "Anoint yourself", and in my bag i always put my anointing oil so immediately the thing told me i went to the rest room, i scattered my hair and anointed myself and changed the style of the hair. everybody was like what happened to you and i said something just came up not knowing something terrible was going to happen in the evening.At night i closed late that night and i was at mabushi junction waitng to get a taxi but couldn't get anyone.

There was a lady who joined me at the busstop so i was thanking god that i am not the only one at the busstop that day. One car just came by and we both entered but when we got to Federal Housing Junction, the man made a u-turn and started driving us into the bush, they were two of them in the car. I raised alarm and asked the man, where are you taking us to, OK Drop me I am ok here, i will get another cab to Madala, the man said just keep quiet, I will make a u-turn back, don't worry I will not hurt you. He drove us into deep into the bush and we were in the bush for a very long time.

When we got there he started asking us questions. what were you both doing out late by that time? Where do you work? I told him my name, where i work and that i had just closed from my office - Leadership Newspapers. He started calling my Aunty Journalist. He asked the other lady the same questions and she told him that she is a student of Bida Poly, so he asked her if you are a student, what were you doing in Abuja that late. Later he asked me to go to the back of the car. He told both of us to remove our underwears. He forced the other lady and had sex with her right there.

Later he came to the car and told me that I was looking at him while he was making out with the other lady, I told him I wasnt't. meanwhile he had a gun and a electrocuting device. He said it is either you cooperate or you people die, so at that time i was very scared. So he called me "Aunty Journalist" come out, so I came out and immediately I sat he said "you are lucky", "are you using charm?", "well, you are just lucky" and that was it. He kept driving us round till 1am that night and later on he asked us to go. that is my Testimony

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